My Favourite Tech Gadgets for the Holidays


Hello Bloggers welcome alltechnology blog. In this blog you will learn My Favourite Tech Gadgets for the Holidays. The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joy of giving and receiving. Tech gadgets are perennial favorites, and this year, the innovation and creativity behind these devices are truly astounding. Here are my top picks for tech gadgets that will dazzle and delight during the holidays.

My Favourite Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

My Favorite Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

1. TiVo Bolt: Watch less, Sacrifice Nothing

DVR set top box pioneer TiVo’s latest offering TiVo Bolt promises you a radically more efficient TV-watching experience. With TiVo Bolt you can not only skip TV commercials, but you can also speed through TV shows 1.3 times faster than their actual speed. I know what you’re thinking. How can you speed the TV show up without making people sound like chipmunks? TiVo has engineered a way to adjust the pitch of the audio so that when you are blazing through the boring parts of a sports event or binge watching a season of a show you kind of, sort of like, the audio is not distorted.

TiVo Bolt’s price is $300 for the 500-GB hard drive version or $400 for a 1-terabyte drive. First year of program updates are free, after that, it’s $15 a month.

2. Western Digital Big SoHo Guns

Western Digital was showing off its My Cloud family of NAS storage solutions from the one, two and four bay chassis with the high-end My Cloud EX4100 with a whopping 241 terabytes of storage space ($1,380). It also took the wraps off an upgrade to its hard drive to My Cloud OS 3. With the upgrade comes “anywhere access” to your stored content, WD Sync, My Cloud Mobile and Web Access and automatic backup off PCs. The OS 3 also brings with it app support for Dropbox, media service Plex and home automation firm Z-Wave.

3. WiFi Streaming USB Flash Drive

SanDisk is making it even easier to sync, share and stream data from portable storage devices. Its latest offering is a WiFi-enabled thumb drive that can be linked to a PC so you can transfer files via a direct WiFi connection or a shared WiFi network. This allows you to not only transfer files, but is ideal for streaming media off a wireless thumb drive stored in a shirt pocket or purse.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Network Drive comes in a variety of capacities including the 16GB ($25) and the 128GB ($100) version.

4. Giant, Curved And Gorgeous Samsung TV

No gadget event roundup is complete without one jaw-dropping, eye-popping and high-end 4K HDTV. Samsung didn’t disappoint with its 65-inch JS9500 Curved SUHD TV. This gorgeous TV will run you $5,000 (65-inch) and comes loaded with high-end features such as full-array LED backlighting, HDR and quantum dots and super-fast operations.

5. ITFFF Gains Traction With Seagate

Seagate bolstered the usefulness of its Seagate Personal Cloud with support now for the ITFFF service. ITFFF (which means “If this, then that”) is a company that has developed a service engine that allows developers to tie disparate services together to create a desired outcome. For example, now you can tie your Facebook feed to your Seagate Personal Cloud so whenever someone tags you in a photo a copy of the image saves to your Seagate drive. Other functions include:

If you create a screenshot on your iPhone, then save it to your Seagate Personal Cloud.

If you posted an image to Instagram, then save it to your Seagate Personal Cloud.

If you downloaded it to your PC, then save it to your Seagate Personal Cloud.

6. Dash Cam Cobra

Known for its radar detectors, Cobra now is hoping to muscle into the emerging dash cam market with its Drive HD Dash Cam. Dashboard cams are the types of cameras that can capture everything that happens in front of your car, including oncoming traffic lanes.

This Cobra model comes with 8 GB of storage for capturing about two hours of video. After the storage is filled, the camera just loops back over, always giving you the last two hours of digital video. The camera has a strong appeal to consumers interested in capturing just what went wrong and who is to blame for traffic accidents. And there’s equal interest among fleet management services that want to expand their monitoring capabilities.

The Cobra will run you $140, has a 2-inch screen and a 160-degree viewing angle and can be expanded to support 32 GB of storage, or seven hours.

7. Making Dumb Smoke And Co2 Detectors Smart

The Leeo does one very important thing extremely well: It listens 24-7 for your smoke or carbon dioxide detector to go off. When it does it send you an alert via email, text message or call. If you don’t reply it will go to a call list of predetermined people to let them know a smoke or Co2 detector has gone off so you can alert the authorities. The Leeo plugs into a standard power outlet and costs $100.

8. Drone Selfies

If a selfie stick just isn’t allowing you to get enough of you, Hexo is about to deliver the ultimate you experience. This drone syncs with your smartphone’s GPS and can follow and film you outdoors. Ideal for sports enthusiast, the drone will set you back $1,350. The drone does not include a camera, but has the housing to fit a GoPro HD ($400).

The drone can stay in the air for about 10 minutes and then will autonomously land by itself – no crash landings. Hexo says what makes its selfie drone unique is the fact that it supports a replaceable battery that take seconds to snap on and off the drone. A replacement battery costs about $120.

9. 360-Degree-Angle Home Security, Web-Enabled Camera

Security and webcams typically come with limited viewing options — point and zoom. The fancy ones allow you to remotely change the viewing angles. IC Real Tech wants you to forget about those limitations. Its Allie Home 360 Degree Interactive Camera ($600) offers an alternative to the webcam status quo.

With Allie’s stationary camera and app, you can navigate a room via gestures — swipe left, right, up and down and pinch to zoom. And as the name suggests, the Allie camera gives you a perfect spherical image of the room the camera is placed in.

Viewing the images is so immersive, the company believes, it’s also trying to crack open an entire new market of weddings, parties and conferences — giving remote users a unique vantage point to engage remotely.

10. Digitize Any Pen Or Pencil

If you want the freedom to use any pencil or pen you want when it comes to drawing or graphical design, then iSkn’s Slate ($200) may just be the solution for you. The product uses a magnetic ring the slips onto any pen or pencil. Next, just lay a pad or paper on top of the iSkn Slate and start drawing. The Slate syncs up with an app on your iPad or Android tablet either in real time or later via a Bluetooth connection. Now you can draw and manipulate your masterpiece on your tablet.

The price includes a Slate, a ring for any type of writing implement and also a ballpoint pen with an iSkyn ring built in.

11. Unlocked And Affordable Smartphone

Does the world need another smartphone? While others ponder if the market is already overcrowded, Ubik isn’t hesitating with its sleek, slim bezel, unlocked and feature-rich smartphone with an affordable $320 price tag. By comparison, the Google Nexus 6 (unlocked) will set you back $650.

The company says it is hoping to attract users who don’t want to be tied down to subsidized phones and have to kowtow to wireless carriers when it comes to Android software OS updates.

12. Fashion-First Wearable

Rare is the smart watch that looks good, has a long battery life and can help you navigate your digital life. The Huawei Consumer Business Group thinks it’s striking the right balance with its Huawei Martian Notifier Watch. The model seen here costs $250.

The watch doesn’t have an LCD face, but rather opts for a tickertape OLED readout display that can alert you to your standard fair of text, email, calendar and call alerts. Because it doesn’t rely on an LCD display (as others do), the focus can be on elegant design, said company representatives. The battery life is indeed impressive. The watch battery will last years, while smart aspects of the watch (wireless radio and display) will last up to five days between charges.

13. It’s Like Uber And Kayak For Shipping

Shyp is an online service geared toward consumers that lets you ship nearly anything just by taking a picture of it with your smartphone — no boxing required. And the best part of it is, Shyp says someone will be there to pick up whatever it is you want to ship in less than 20 minutes.

Here is how Shyp works: Use the Shyp app and take a picture of what it is you want shipped. You’ll be contacted by a Shyp contractor (think Uber) to organize the pickup within 20 minutes. You can use the Shyp app to do price comparisons among shipping partners such as FedEx, UPS and USPS. It costs $5 per pickup, plus the price of shipping. Shyp then packs whatever it is you want shipped, mails it off to your destination.

The company is operating in five cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago.

14. Fast, Affordable USB Charging Port

Every standard electrical outlet has a relatively unknown feature that allows you to simply and affordably replace an outlet’s faceplate with a Snap Power USB power charging port. The Snap Power’s faceplate ($16 to $20 each) utilizes a third hot power source on your electrical outlet located between the top and bottom plugs. That power source is found from screws on the sides of the outlet. The Snap Power faceplate has two metal power prongs that touch the screws (no electrician needed) and allows you to simply snap on a USB power port in a matter of seconds.

15. Theft And Security Protection

MacKeeper was showing off its Track My Mac anti-theft protection that includes protection at the point when someone attempts to log onto a computer. This is meant to thwart bad guys who steal a device and turn off all Internet connectivity so a device can’t “call home.” With the Track My Mac solution, if you mistype the password required to unlock a Mac, it will automatically generate a threat report and email it to you. Threat reports include a front-facing camera picture of who is attempting to log onto your PC, GPS coordinates of the Mac and the device’s make and model information. And, of course, you can put your Mac into “lock-down” mode remotely should your Mac go missing.


The holiday season is the perfect time to explore and gift the latest tech gadgets. From smart home assistants that simplify your life to drones that open up new vistas, these devices bring both convenience and excitement. Embrace the technological wonders of our time and make this holiday season unforgettable with these remarkable gadgets.


Question 1. What is a good tech gift?
Best gadgets to give
  • Amazon Kindle 11th Generation: For the book lover.
  • Garmin Vivosmart 4: For the fitness lover.
  • Petcube Cam: For the one who’s crazy about their pets.
  • Apple Watch Series 9: For the one who wants a smarter wrist.
  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2: For the careful driver.
Question 2. What tech do kids like?
  • Amazmic Kids Karaoke Microphone Machine.
  • LittleBits Hall of Fame Night Light Starter Kit.
  • 4M Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit.
  • Original Tamagotchi.
  • Pixicade Pets VIP.
  • Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet and Case.
  • Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies.
  • Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech-5 Mechanical Robot Coding Kit.

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