Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Colour Options Tipped Ahead of Expected Launch


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Samsung Galaxy S24 FE colour options (expected)

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE colour options (expected) The Samsung Galaxy S24 FE will likely launch in five colour options, according to an X post by DSCC’s Ross Young (@DSCCRoss). He said that the anticipated Fan Edition smartphone will be offered in Black, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, and Yellow colourways. Among these variants, the black shade is tipped to see the highest production volume.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Colour Options Tipped Ahead of Expected Launch
Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Colour Options Tipped Ahead of Expected Launch

The phone appeared in a light green colourway in the leaked image, where it seemed to look similar to the base Galaxy S24 handset. Three small, circular camera units are seen arranged vertically in the top left corner of the rear panel alongside a smaller LED flash unit.

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Because the devices widely expected to see daylight at Samsung’s big Unpacked event next week are not exactly the tech world’s best kept secrets, many reliable leakers and industry pundits seem to be already moving on to the company’s more distant Galaxy products. These obviously include the S25 family we all know to expect in early 2025, the Z Fold 6 Ultra super-flagship a lot of tipsters are forecasting for a late 2024 launch in select regions, and a slightly less exciting Galaxy S24 FE.

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This latter addition to the Fan Edition roster is likely to go official at some point this fall, at least based on its predecessor’s release schedule, and after starring in a very revealing (and very trustworthy) visual leak a few weeks back, the presumably inexpensive high-end handset is today in the spotlight again.

Not all color options are created equalWith over 25 years of experience in the display industry and a number of years now spent spoiling the launch parties of many tech giants like Samsung, Ross Young is obviously known and admired for a lot of things across social media and websites like PhoneArena these days.But if there’s one thing Young routinely does better than any other leaker, tipster, or industry expert, that’s undoubtedly to reveal an unannounced smartphone’s full color palette. For the Galaxy S24 FE, this is purportedly how said palette will look:

  • Black;
  • Gray;
  • Light blue;
  • Light green;
  • Yellow.

How would that differ from the Galaxy S23 FE’s color options? Well, let’s list those out too, and we’ll let you decide for yourselves:

  • Mint;
  • Cream;
  • Graphite;
  • Purple;
  • Indigo;
  • Tangerine.

Yes, “graphite” is basically the same thing as black, while mint and light green could definitely be similar. But “light blue” is a totally different thing from both purple and indigo, gray certainly sounds like a far less exciting shade than “cream”, and yellow… could prove to be an interesting replacement for tangerine if it’s bright and vibrant enough.

Still, we can’t help but feel underwhelmed by what Samsung is reportedly preparing for the S24 FE in the chromatics department. Hopefully, there’s still one or two hues in the pipeline that the company is keeping under wraps ahead of a limited commercial run of some sort in the fall.

Of those five colorways, by the way, Ross Young expects black to hold the “highest volume”, which essentially means that will be the easiest model to buy once the Galaxy S24 FE becomes available. Because black never goes out of style, that’s a completely unsurprising decision on Samsung’s part, although it remains to be seen if perhaps demand will exceed the company’s supply for that delicious-sounding yellow flavor, for instance.

A refined design with more screen real estateThat’s the Galaxy S24 FE in a nutshell for you, at least if those leaked renders from last month prove 100 percent accurate. In the absence of a complete spec sheet, we’ll assume that Samsung plans to differentiate this device from the 6.4-inch Galaxy S23 FE mainly with a larger 6.65-inch or so display and thinner bezels.The design on the whole is unlikely to be radically revised, with the world’s number one smartphone vendor focusing (pretty much as always) on keeping the things that work largely unchanged and making subtle refinements aimed at improving the user experience in small but noticeable ways.

Leaked Galaxy S24 FE renders in light green

There are currently no firm words on this bad boy’s release date or price point, but recent history (and common sense) suggests an official announcement could take place in September or October and the Galaxy S24 FE could cost around $600 in the US in an entry-level 128GB storage configuration.


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