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Online Courses – Best 5 WebSites


Many colleges and universities offer a wide variety of free courses online in the form of podcasts, lectures, tutorials and online classes, most of these courses are not accredited or part of an actual accredited degree.  However, that does not mean they are not valuable or will not add value to your overall education and …


Create A Personal Free Website Within 10 Minutes


Web building tool Wix ( www.wix.com) has  introduced an Artifical Design Intelligence tool,which helps you create a more personalized website. How to create a personalized free website ? Step by Step guide – Step -1   Sign in or create an account if you do not already have one and click the option to  ‘Create …


The Top 10 Websites For Free Virtual Pets Games


Here we explore some of the best virtual pet games online that use elements that teach kids about things like responsibility, organization, math and memory. Naturally, on top of that, all of these virtual pet games are also a lot of fun too.One of the best ways to teach children about responsibility and how to …