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DigiLocker : Online document storage facility


Tech news: Government of India’s  Digilocker service is a  could based virtualstorage where every Indian citizen can store important personal documents in digital form.At present Andhra Pradesh,Telengana,Kerala,Odisha and Delhi linked their e-district services to Digil Locker. Now You can upload and  store like PAN card ,Aadhaar number and Voter ID Card ,Driving license ,RC  to …


Opera VPN App Free For Android Mobile

opera vpn for android mobile

  Tech News :  Opera VPN for Android apk  is now available for Android phone .Opera is expanding the reach of its free Mobile VPN App .Now it is available for download from  Google Play.The new app is  similar to the iOS version Opera. Opera provides five virtual server location to choose from including the …


Five Best Brain-Training Apps

top brain training app

Tech News : Here are  some of the best apps that will  help you improve  your mind focus power and apps that help train your brain for better memory and increased cognitive performance. Top 5 Best Brain-Training Apps for iphone  and Android phone 1  – Lumosity Challenge your Memory, Attention, and more. Used by over 70 million people worldwide, Lumosity combines 25+ …