Speaking Selfie – Let Your Pictures Speak

Any pic or portrait ever created has spoken but now you can hear it. Nothing captures a moment better than a speaking picture –   scream with the jump after that desperately needed home-run, group photos in concerts with live music, birthday cake with cheer and song of friends, pics of travel to new places with the mood of street, selfie that also carries instincts and excitement, joker’s not so serious laugh in that classic film poster, the soft bark of pit bull in his first pic in house.

VoxPics will bring what the world has perhaps never seen…..and certainly never heard.


How Speaking Pictures can change your life?

Reminder: Take an image of your car keys and send it to your spouse telling them where it is kept.

Forego Captions: Ever brooded for hours thinking about a caption? Let your voice act as a caption, speak into it and let the recipient find out what it is.

Add vividness to memory: How do you write sound made by cricket while going to garden? Voxie makes that possible. If you ever want to revisit the memory, just tap on the picture, and it would come back to life.


Best in class inter-personal communication: As the world graduates to the post-QWERTY internet, use the combination of voice messages and hand drawn sketches to make a quick and super-effective inter-personal communication with family, friends, college mates and colleagues.

Super easy and super fast messaging: raise the phone to your ear and create a message (with tones and emotions) quickly and without pressing a button. Send a message this way 5 times and texting would be painfully slow and passé forever.

Unblock hearing without headset searches: use the “P-mode” to listen to a voice message privately in meetings, hangouts, public transport wherever by using the phone’s earpiece.

No senseless sharing: media shared inter-personally cannot be shared further. You’ll have a high degree of control and confidence in sending over pics, sketches, voice and vox-pics.

Smart notifications: don’t worry about displaying your “online” status, it’s a stressful privacy breach and we have moved away from this through VoxWeb. Also no time-stamps with read receipts but yes you’ll get to know whether the voice message you sent inter-personally has been heard.

How Voxie’s Social Platform “LIFE” is different
Life is an auto bootstrapped “Follower-Following” network from phone-books and is developed on the premise that anything you put publicly on the internet is out there forever and out of your control. So don’t take stress in managing post-specific control settings and go with the flow and excitement as you make one-to-many communication with people who are following your life, interested in your posts.



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