Create A Personal Free Website Within 10 Minutes

Web building tool Wix ( has  introduced an Artifical Design Intelligence tool,which helps you create a more personalized website.

How to create a personalized free website ? Step by Step guide –

Step -1



Sign in or create an account if you do not already have one and click the option to  ‘Create a New Site’.Choose the kind of site  you would like to build,then click the ‘Start with Wix ADI’ button.You can also further define the type of site you want by typing it into the box.Click the next button.

Step – 2


Select  from the list the types of  design you would like to include on your site or you can skip this.If you like you can add sections  to your website later.You also need to fill in any information you want to reveal on your site,enter your social networking information and choose a style.

Step – 3


The software works through the standard Wix site Design Wizard.making choices based on the information you have provided.Once it is finished creating your site,you can click the Add section tab to insert new sections or click the site design tab to choose  a different look and color scheme.

Now you are done and your website is ready to publish.


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