You Can Download Anything From The Web

How to  DOWNLOAD ANYTHING  from the Web for FREE ? It is very simple and easy.Just follow the simple steps below.

Audio from YouTube Videos


YouTube hosts millions of music videos.Many songs which you won’t  find on any other streaming services,such as Spotify and Deezer.If you are more interested in the Audio than videos then you can save the songs in MP3 Format to listen to anywhere ,on any device.

How to do –   Copy the URL of the Video from YouTube and paste it in the box on YouTubemp3 ( the Convert Video button.Wait a few seconds,then click the Download link to save the music file to your hard drive to keep safe.

YouTube Videos without Waste


You can also download videos from YouTube to watch Offline any media player or on your TV.For download, you can use 4K Video Downloader  ( Which is free to use and free from junk and packed with useful features.You can download videos in most popular format,in HD and 4K quality .Not only from YouTube but also from Facebook ,Flicker, and Vimeo.

Access To Banned Download Sites


Some Countries have banned to access a large number of websites that offer illegal access to copyrighted content.You can access these banned websites  easily.All you need to do is visit the secure HTTPS version of the site.Sticking an extra ‘S’  in the URL or using the browser extension HTTPS Everywhere ( might be enough to circumvent the ISP block. Or you can choose a paid plan from .It works perfectly.

Protected Photos from Website


Some website disables the ability to save images to prevent unauthorized reuse.If you are determined to save the images for your own personal use.Then you could take a screenshot of the picture and save to your hard disk.

In the same way, you can take photos from SNP chart ,which display only a matter of seconds.But you can save an image by taking a screenshot on your device.You can do it by pressing Power button and Home button simultaneously.While in Android It is the power button and volume down buttons.

Save Websites as  PDF ‘Books’


It is easy to save individual web pages as PDF files.You can use  plenty of tools .Save as PDF for Chrome ( You can export an entire website to the popular format using PDFmyURL ( ) For that you need to pay for use.

How To Download From Mobile Devices

Download  YouTube Videos


You can download videos on your handset using TubeMate ( .You can get this app through  Google Play.

Apps that are ‘Incompatible With Your Device

Some apps are incompatible with your devices.This is because it is only available to users in a certain country or your devices are running an unsupported version of Android for example.You won’t  be able to download it,even though it might work.For that  first you need to open Settings on your Android phone and look under Applications or Security for the Unknown sources option,then tick it.Once you are done that you can start downloading.

‘Or ‘  you can  use VPN such as TunnelBear ,Which has its own free Android apps may allow you bypass geographical restrictions on apps in the play store.

Facebook Videos on Android

You can download Facebook Videos  and watch offline.Advanced Download Manager ( and Firefox ( works best  for you.Install both the apps.Then access Facebook through Firefox ( not the facebook app)  Tap a video to start it playing,then tap on the Android icon in the address bar.In the window that opens ,select ADM editor and tap OK.Give the video a name and click start to save it.

Software no longer Available


If a software or program you like not available or removed from the developer’s website or replaced with a newer version ,Still you can able to download  from websites like  or These sites have thousand of versions  of hundreds of programs for  Windows,Mac, and Linux.


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