11 Must Have Apps Every Woman Should Download

In today’s world, there is no reason one should be living in a careless way.Being a modern woman entails a lot of things.In order to balance your social ,work and family life can be somewhat simple with these must download free apps.There are over thousand apps are available in the market but we have selected best 11 apps that every woman must have on her smartphone.Here is a look.

Lady Pill Reminder :


Lady Pill Reminder” is the perfect app to keep track of taking your birth control pills. It is very simple to set up and use. You just have to indicate the type of birth control pill you take (number of pills in the packet) and the time you usually take your pill, and “Lady Pill Reminder” will notify you when you’ll have to take your pill. In addition, you can check the status of the current pill packet.

Lady Pill Reminder is the application you need to keep track of taking your birth control pills: easy and effective.

Clue – Period Tracker :


The clue is a female health app that uses science and data to help you discover the unique patterns in your cycle. It reminds you of your period, PMS and fertile window.

The clue is rated as the top free menstrual tracking app by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Know when your next period is coming.

-Get reminders before your next period, PMS and fertile window.
-Discover the unique patterns of your cycle.
-Track  pain, moods, cervical fluid, birth control pills and more.
-Connect with partners, friends and family to open up the conversation about menstrual health and much more.

 Noom Coach: Health & Weight


Your coach will follow what you’re doing in the app and support you through a structured program tailored to your specific health goals.

Choose from a variety coached programs, created by physicians, that are designed to prevent or manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

 Noom will help you not only lose weight but also gradually master the habits you need to get and stay healthy for the long term. Unlike other calorie counters or food tracking apps, Noom’s trained coaches will help you reach your health goals.Easy to follow tasks. Each day, Noom gives you a simple plan to follow
• The only calorie counter with color-coded logging that gives you nutrition feedback
• Large food database with popular restaurants and local cuisine
• Now you can track your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure and blood glucose

Splitwise :


Splitwise is the best way to share bills and IOUs and make sure that everyone gets paid back.

Use Splitwise to split household bills with roommates, to figure out costs for a group vacation, or just to remember when a friend spots you for lunch. On Android, iPhone, or the web (http://splitwise.com), you can view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders for bills, and much much more.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance


Goodbudget  is a money manager and expense tracker that’s great for home budget planning. This personal finance manager is a virtual update on your grandma’s envelope system–a proactive budget planner that helps you stay on top of your bills and finances. Built for easy, real-time tracking. And, sync across Android, iPhone and the web to share your budget with your budgeting partners. Keep everyone on the same page with household finances.The best income and expense tracking tool.

Practo -A Complete Heath App :


Practo – a complete health app – to book doctor appointments, order medicines, consult doctors online, manage digital health records and read health tips.

Booking online doctor’s appointment on Practo is a breeze – pick your area, choose a doctor, select a time and voila, your appointment is booked! You can also check out other details like consultation fee, pictures of the clinic and feedback from people who have already been there!

Practo app reminds you of your appointment an hour before its due, along with a quick option to book an Uber cab to take you to the clinic.

– Online Doctor Consultations – Skip the Traffic & Waiting Rooms –


On the days when you’re too busy to see a doctor or too sick to get out of bed, chat with an experienced doctor online.

Sleep Cycle – alarm clock


Waking up made easy.

An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed.Sleep Cycle helps millions of people to wake up rested.The sleep cycle is continuously rated as the best smart alarm clock, Sleep Cycle is now the world’s most used intelligent alarm clock.

– Sleep Cycle monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your phone.

–  Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30-minute window that ends at your set alarm time.

Water Drink Reminder :


The best water tracker app ever! Helps you stay hydrated.

Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.

Do you drink enough water?
Do you always forget to drink water regularly?
Are you in good shape?
You need Water Drink Reminder – a water tracker app to help you develop good habits of water drinking!

This water tracker app reminds you to drink water every day to keep you hydrated.

Just enter your current weight, and Water Drink Reminder will help you determine how much water your body needs every day. Remember to update the app each time you drink a cup of water. Then the app will remind you when it’s time for another drink. Hydration helper not only tracks what you drink but also reminds you when it’s time for another drink.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer  :


Truecaller is the only dialer you’ll ever need with the ability to identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls.

See names and photos of people who call, even if they aren’t saved in your phonebook. And know when friends are free to talk, making your calling experience smarter and more delightful.

– Always see who’s calling — works for saved contacts and unknown numbers
– Block spam callers and telemarketers
– Search for any name or number
– Make calls directly from the app
– No more unknown numbers in your call history
– See when your friends are free to talk
– Copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and Truecaller will tell you who it belongs t

PayTm -Recharge ,Bill Pay & Wallet


Paytm is  the fastest online recharge, bill & utility payment, and online shopping experience. Quick, easy and secure, Paytm is trusted by 1.3+ crore customers. Use the Paytm App for mobile recharge, DTH recharge, data card recharge .Online travel booking is simplified with the Paytm App. Book hotels, flight tickets, bus tickets. Also, pay school or college fee along with your insurance premium in a few steps. Use the Paytm Wallet to send or receive money, pay for services such as cabs, dine-ins, and petrol pumps and even at your local  store.

VithU – An Emergency App


VithU, is an emergency App that, at the click of the power button of your smartphone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians.

The message says “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”

The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location.



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