10 Best Smartphone Accessories – You Must Have – Buy it now 2016

Here are some of the best smartphone accessories that you must have.Whether you have an iPhone or an Android Phone these phone accessories are essential for you from waterproof cases to a camera,portable chargers etc.

Selfie Stick


  • Clicking Selfies while traveling is easy now – No need to ask anyone to click a picture for you now
  • Get everyone in the picture from now on – No one needs to stay out of the picture just to click one
  • Capture videos and photos from angles which was not possible by holding the device in your hand
  • Don’t need to wait for others to move out of the scene to get a clear shot – Extend the monopod above your head to capture objects, landscape or people which are otherwise difficult to capture because of crowd or other obstacles
  • Stylish, vibrant colors and easy to use


Portable Charger


Portable charger or external battery is a must have  accessories for a smartphone.  Portable chargers come in a variety of shapes and sizes .You can purchase as per your requirement.

Camera Lenses


  • High-quality pictures with your smartphones  Lens for taking pin-sharp picture of small objects
  • Fisheye Lens can Shoot 180 degrees scene Color : Random
  • Wide-angle lens increases the frame of your picture
  • You can apply to iPhone ,Android Phone and etc
  • portable to use, you can take photos with it at any time and any place.


HeadPhones –  Bluetooth Mini Lightweight Wireless


  • Small And Compact
  • Talk And Play Music
  • Ultra Mini Bluetooth
  •   Use your music device left/right side, above/below the waist, doesn’t matter .
  • PureSound In-ear white noise and listener fatigue reduction. Eliminates the white noise and delivers a clean audio experience offering hours of pure enjoyment.
  • High-fidelity stereo music and clear speech, You can begin enjoying CD quality stereo sound instantly.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


After a portable charger, a Bluetooth speaker is  the next most important accessory for your smartphone. A wide variety of Bluetooth speakers is available in the market .Each one satisfying its own niche . Use it outdoors or even in the shower  it connects in seconds and is controllable at a range depending upon the product features.

Waterproof Case



Waterproof protective cases are truly life-saving accessories for your iPhone and Android Phone . It is a must have accessories for everyone. Jumping  into a lake or swimming pool, forgetting that their phone is in their pocket, but when it happens to you it’s anything.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


  • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard: folding and ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard, Pocket size, sleek and slim design.
  • Compatible 3 major operating system: iOS / Android / Windows. Works with most Bluetooth supported devices.
  • A built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides more than 60 hours of effective usage time, on a single charge.
  • USB charging cable.

Wireless Charging Pad


Wireless chargers are a fast-growing and  simple as placing your device on a charging pad .Wireless Charging is just what it sounds like — a way to charge your phone, tablet or other devices without using any wires. Wireless charging is a simple as placing your device on a charging pad and letting the phone charging.

Best Cyclist Mount


It helps to have a way to keep track of your location.There are plenty of mounts and cradles for your phone, Smartphones can really enhance your riding experience. If setup correctly, they’ll assist you with bike navigation and will collect a bunch of metrics like speed and distance – and if you want, you can even track your ride.

Cell Signal Booster Kit


If you live or work in an area that has terrible cell coverage, this can be a great accessory to get the most out of your  device. This signal booster increase both voice and 3G/4G data signals for all major cell carriers.




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