Google Highlight Best Hotel Rate Flight Deal

Tech news -Google’s New Search Tools Will Highlight Best Hotel Rate ,Flight Deals.


Google is introducing  new features to make hotel and flight bookings easier ,ahead of the holiday season.

The most significant features –Hotel Deals and Flight Price Tracking -will help users to find specific type of hotels and trac flight rates.

Hotal Smart Fliters will alow users to search for hotels using specific queries such as ‘ Family friendly Hotels in New York under $200 ‘- and more.This will help Google Search narrow down results to what a user exactly wants.The feature will go live in the US and will be launched globally later this year.

There is also a Hotel Deals feature ,shows hotels with ‘lower than average’ pricing or those offering discounts,under  a Deal label in Search results.

User can now track Flight fare changes in Google Flights using the flight price tracking feature.All a user needs to do is enter a date and route combination; and they will be notified when flight fares either increase or decrease significantly.Users will be notified by email and Google Now Cards.The feature will be rolled out over the course of the next weeks in all 26 countries where Google Flights is avilable.


Google is also making it easier for users to shop on You Tube by adding two new features-Companion banner and Product picker.

Companion Banner is a new interactive banner that will appear next to the video that lets viewers scrool through products while the video is playing next to it.Product picer is an optional feature that lets advertisers show specific products for specific campaigns.

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